Saturday April 29th, 7 – 11 pm

Intervals, Little Italy


Joseph Keckler, NY’s operatic songsmith, trickster performance artist, raconteur poet, and many other things performs his San Diego debut! Called New York’s “best performance artist” by Village Voice and acclaimed by everyone from the New York Times to Artforum to Bomb and the Wall Street Journal, Keckler‘s Tiny Desk on NPR and several other mind-blowing performances have been attracting fans and audiences quickly. For his performance at INTERVALS Joseph will perform a solo set with video, voice, spoken word, and probably other things we haven’t been told about.

San Diego New Verbal Workshop is a newly-formed community choir that specializes in experimental works showcasing extended vocal techniques. For their upcoming performance at Intervals, they will present Cornelius Cardew’s “The Great Learning, Paragraph 7.” This piece features a paragraph from Confucius that has been translated by Ezra Pound and is performed as a cloud of slowly evolving pitches. Cardew places emphasis on communal singing, where performers listen and match each other, a technique also observed in Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations. With its Cageian influence, the work provides both structure and freedom to the performers, creating a unique experience for each performance due to the element of chance.

Mystery Cave is composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer John Christopher Harris II. Mystery Cave has released 4 LP’s and 4 EP’s of electronic music with roots in classical, ambient, dub, new age, club, and LA beat music. Mystery Cave has performed over the past 13 years at venues such as Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, The Casbah, and Che Cafe.

Mala Forma Dance, led by Justin Morrison, will perform with music by improvisers Everything Will Be Okay.

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$10 donation requested at the performance to support artists and the space. Thank you.